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Calling All White Wine Lovers

In our 50th year of Earth-friendly winegrowing, we’re making a recommendation that’s both true to our roots and totally 2018: that the white wine glass take up its rightful place on the emoji keyboard.☝

Do you feel us? Here’s how you can spread the word.

Joining together with the global wine community, we’re bringing our pioneering spirit to the campaign to add the #WhiteWineEmoji to the 2019 emoji roster. 💯

After all, there’s an emoji for just about everything these days—and you shouldn’t have to settle for the red wine emoji when raising a glass of Fetzer Gewürztraminer. Check out this video and share it with your friends.👏

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The Time for #WhiteWineEmoji is Now

White wine drinkers everywhere—and there are a lot of us (more than 146 million cases of white wine were consumed in the U.S. alone last year)—deserve an appropriate symbol for this important beverage. Whether you’re sipping white wine because the season or occasion demand it (summertime, beach vacay, or #WineWednesday) or simply because it’s your go-to, you should have the White Wine Emoji at hand to express yourself authentically.💁

As the winery that introduced the iconic Sundial Chardonnay back in the 80s, we have long been fans of white wine and feel it’s essential that we campaign for its rightful place on the keyboard. After all, emojis are our universal language, allowing us to connect and share our thoughts, emotions and virtual toasts when only a picture will do. Let’s get this thing done!💪

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Who is Behind the Campaign for the White Wine Emoji?

It’s probably no surprise we’re not the only ones who feel the time is now for the White Wine Emoji. Fetzer is partnering with Kendall-Jackson, Flora Springs, and scores of wineries and white wine regions around the globe to make the White Wine Emoji a reality.🙌

It is our hope that by raising our collective voices—and glasses—we can persuade the group governing all things emoji, the Unicode Consortium, to adopt this essential symbol. After all, research shows that 78% of regular wine drinkers in the U.S. drink white wine.🧐

Which leaves us wondering: how in the world have we made it this far without the White Wine Emoji?💔🍷

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Visit today to get involved. We’re sending you virtual high-fives for your support!👏

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